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Item Spotlight

Smoosh Face Apparel's Holiday Line, starring the delightful charm of French Bulldogs and Pugs, captures the essence of merriment with adorable canine-inspired prints that are as heartwarming as they are stylish. Embrace the festive spirit with these playful designs, celebrating the joy of the season in perfect harmony with your furry friends.


At Smoosh Face Apparel, we take pride in delivering top-notch products that blend style, comfort, and personality. The Holiday Frenchie Sweatshirt is no exception, boasting our commitment to excellence and creativity.


Welcome to Smoosh Face Apparel!

We're thrilled to have you here, where our love for French Bulldogs meets fashionable fun. As a brand dedicated to celebrating the adorable essence of Frenchies, we offer a delightful collection of French Bulldog Tees inspired by these lovable pups.


Each design is crafted with passion, ensuring that you can proudly showcase your Frenchie adoration with style and comfort. Explore our selection, find your favorite designs, and join us in expressing our love for French Bulldogs through fashion.


Thank you for choosing Smoosh Face Apparel!


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